.travel – General Information for Registrars

Neustar is the back-end for [.travel] and it is operated on the Narwhal platform.

A Client Billing model allows Donuts to bill our partners directly for [.travel] transactions that occur in the Neustar SRS.

Q. How does client billing work?

A. [.travel] is fully operated on the Neustar registry platform. The Client Billing model allows Donuts to bill our partners directly for [.travel] transactions that occur on the Neustar SRS. This means all [.travel] transactions will be reflected in your Donuts registrar balance and finance reports.

Q. Can I see [.travel] transactions in Donuts Reports section?

A. Registrars will see their [.travel] transactions in Donuts financial reports. The Monthly Invoice will also include [.travel] transactions

Q. How is DPML handled?

A. DPML Blocks and domain overrides will not be supported. All DPML blocked strings are reserved under [.travel] TLD. In order to override a DPML block for a .travel domain name, please contact techsupport@donuts.co

Q. Does [.travel] support premium names?

A. Premium names are not currently supported for [.travel].

Q. Does [.travel] support all Donuts IDN?

A. [.travel] currently does not support IDN. Donuts is planning to enable IDN on this TLD but there is not a date decided as to when this will happen.

Q. What is the self-authentication Model?

A. Registrars can enable registrants to self authenticate directly on their website without having to first obtain an identifier from the registry (UIN). Registrars can begin using the Key-Value EPP extension (available in the Donuts Registrar Portal) to confirm registrant self-certification, providing registrars and registrants with a streamlined path to acquiring their [.travel domain name. For more details please refer to the Self Authentication Guide available in the documents section in the Donuts registrar portal.

Q. When was UIN switched off?

A. UIN functionality was disabled from the system in September 2018. UIN was replaced by self-authentication Model described above.

Q. On transfer, does the acknowledgment by the original registrant carry over to the new registrant?

A. Yes, you are not required to force the acknowledgment for a new registrant on transfer

Q. Are the change of registrant rules the same for [.travel] domains that were registered with a UIN and those registered as ‘self-acknowledgment?

A. Yes, if a domain was previously registered via UIN and you implement using the KVP extension there is no requirement to update the ACK or UIN when updating the domains

Q. If a [.travel] domain that was registered with the UIN at a different registrar is transferred to our registrar account (or one of our re-sellers), does the UIN transfer with the domain?

A. No, nor is it necessary to update the UIN, when in receipt of a gaining transfer – the acknowledgment is only required for new domain creates

Q. Are there any additional requirements for [.travel]?

A. Registrations with [.travel] are meant for all people or businesses engaged in all things travel related. Registrants of [.travel] domains should acknowledge prior to Registration that they are engaged in or plan to engage in activities related to travel.

Q. When will [.travel] be migrated into Donuts platform?

A. Donuts registry does not have an estimated time as to when [.travel] will be migrated into Donuts system.

Q. Do I need to be on-board on Donuts to be able to sell [. travel] domains?

A. Yes, you are required to be on-boarded on Donuts to be able to sell [.travel] domains

Q. How to add my registrar name to [.travel] accredited registrar list at travel.domains/registrars/

A. If you are already on-boarded on [.travel] and want your registrar to be listed in the Donuts Travel website please contact Donuts Tech Support department 

Q. How do I get on-boarded with [.travel] TLD?

A. To get on-boarded with [.travel] you need to contact Donuts Tech Support Department. 

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