Registrar Users in the Donuts Registrar Portal

Q. Since Donuts manages many TLDs, is one user created in our Donuts account used for ALL TLDs under management (+ DPML)? 

A. Yes but we would advise creating a web user for each user you have in your company as Two-Factor authentication is applied to all accounts on login.

Here is the way new Registrar’s account is created:

1) First, we set up the Registrar’s main account and subscribe them to all TLDs in the system.

2) Then we create a child account (EPP account), which will be used by the registrar to run EPP commands.

3) And finally, we set up a second child account (Web user account) for the registrar to get access to the registrar web admin page. Now from the registrar web admin page or through EPP commands, registrars are able to create new contacts to be used. For example, when setting up new domain names, submitting sunrise applications, or making DPML registration.

Through the web admin interface, you can also create new web users, who will be able to get access to the portal themselves and perform similar tasks as yourself. 

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