How to use an Allocation Token to Override a Reserved Domain Name

When the sale of a Donuts domain is made directly to a registrant (ie, Pioneer programs such as, the domain name is kept in a reserved state (by Donuts) until the registrant is able to register the domain name through their preferred registrar.

Donuts has created a reserved domain override feature called “Allocation Token”. The feature allows Donuts Technical Support staff to assign an override token to a domain name. Donuts then provides this token to the customer, who uses the token during the registration process to override the reserved status, which allows the allocation of the domain name to proceed.

Some registrars do not yet have a field in the registration form that allows for the customer to input the override token. Until that functionality is built, here are instructions for registrars on how to support their customers with Allocation Tokens.

1. The Customer or Donuts Technical Support staff contacts the Registrar’s customer support with the assigned domain Allocation Token.

2. Registrar logs into the Donuts Registrar Admin site at and navigates to the Domain: Create menu at DomainCreate.aspx

3. Registrar adds domain registration information, including the Allocation Token for override.

4. Registrar accepts any premium, platinum, or EAP fee for the domain.

5. Once domain registration is completed, registrar adds the domain to their customer’s account and notifies the customer that the registration is complete.

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