Connection Error -Troubleshooting Guide

When you get a connection failure, troubleshooting may be required.

Production: OTE: Port: 700

1. Try connecting using the correct port, example:

2. Make sure you are connecting to the EPP server from the IP addresses you supplied and we added to our firewall.

3.  Make sure that you are using correct EPP login credentials.

3. If you still have a problem connecting try to telnet the EPP server:

     >Telnet 700

4. if you can’t telnet the server, try to ping the server:

     > ping

5. If you can’t ping the server, run a tracert command:


Send any error messages from these attempts, along with a request for support,  to

This will help us to determine where the connection is failing 

Note: Port 700 must be enabled on the Registrar’s end.

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