Allotted Connections

Donuts Inc. provides accredited registrars with connectivity of 40 connections and 180kbps (kilo-bits per second) per registrar. 

The additional 30 connections are drawn from a global pool of bandwidth shared across registrars.  The size of this pool will vary based on the demand on the Registry System.  

Note that it does not matter if a registrar uses 1, 5, 10, or 40 connections – the 180kbps minimum bandwidth remains.  As long as there is bandwidth remaining in the global pool, it is available for use.  As more registrars consume more bandwidth, the global pool bandwidth available to each registrar may shrink, but Donuts strives to provide a minimum bandwidth of 180kbps to each registrar.  

Donuts will provide this connectivity as long as our ability to meet ICANN requirements and specifications are not negatively impacted; however, we reserve the right to reduce the number of connections provided, equally applied across all registrars in our sole discretion.

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