Name Collision mitigation and blocklists

Regarding Name Collision ICANN (the governing organization for the internet) requires that non-existing domain names that occurred in the day-in-the-life record of a zone before the TLD was added to the internet not resolve (be put on “server hold”)  until mitigation efforts are completed.  The mitigation efforts are to ensure that no […]

Allotted Connections Increases

Donuts Inc. provides accredited registrars with connectivity of 40 connections and 180kbps (kilo-bits per second) per registrar.  The additional 30 connections are drawn from a global pool of bandwidth shared across registrars.  The size of this pool will vary based on the demand on the Registry System.   Note that […]

SMDs and Claims

Q. Can we submit the SMD instead of a claims acceptance?  A. No, SMD file cannot replace claims extension. Q. Given the holder has a valid trademark, do they still have to accept the claims notice? A. Yes, if the domain name is in Claims period you should include claims extension. […]

Why is my DPML block showing as available?

Why do some names in the SRS, in some TLDs show as DPML Blocked, but in other TLDs show as available? A legacy DMPL block only blocks standard names during General Availability. DPML Plus does block premium names, none of the DPML versions block sunrise registrations. Example:  The term example […]