Certification Process for Trademark Database

The process described below is required if the registrars plan to register domains with claims. Please note that Trademark Clearinghouse is not a Donuts Service and that any questions related to accessing their system need to be directed to them, please find their contact information in the table below.

Balance Check by EPP

Please find attached a sample EPP balance check command and response, and the XML schema. Please note that balance updates are not immediate, there will be a small delay until the balance adjustment occurs at the registry database. 

Statement of Account – Billing Report

Emailing Statement of Account Activity to registrar billing contacts At the end of the month when new statements of account are produced and uploaded to the Registrar Admin Website, notification emails will be sent to billing notification contacts with attached statements for the individual registrar account. If you have not […]

Name Collision mitigation and blocklists

Regarding Name Collision ICANN (the governing organization for the internet) requires that non-existing domain names that occurred in the day-in-the-life record of a zone before the TLD was added to the internet not resolve (be put on “server hold”)  until mitigation efforts are completed.  The mitigation efforts are to ensure that no […]

Allotted Connections

Donuts Inc. provides accredited registrars with connectivity of 40 connections per registrar.  Donuts will provide this connectivity as long as our ability to meet ICANN requirements and specifications are not negatively impacted; however, we reserve the right to reduce the number of connections provided, equally applied across all registrars in […]