How to restore deleted domains during the redemption period

Redemption and Restore are ICANN required: Registrars must permit the Registrant at Expiration (“RAE”) to redeem a deleted registration during RGP. Below find the text from the Donuts Registry Guide 4.5 Redemption Grace Period The Donuts SRS Redemption Grace Period (RGP) process follows the industry standard used by other registries. RGP […]

Grace Periods Explained

* From the Donuts Registry Guide: 4 Registry Grace Periods Grace periods are provided to ensure a standard process for handling refunds in the case where a domain is deleted, and to support the auto-renew functionality. Grace period status is returned as part of the EPP domain <info> command. 4.1 […]

Certification Process for Trademark Database

The process described below is required if the registrars plan to register domains with claims. Please note that Trademark Clearinghouse is not a Donuts Service and that any questions related to accessing their system need to be directed to them, please find their contact information in the table below.

New Features; Report Updates; API Guide

Updated Features: Emailing Statement of Account Activity to registrar billing contacts At the end of the month when new statements of account are produced and uploaded to the Registrar Admin Website, notification emails will be sent to billing notification contacts with attached statements for the individual registrar account. If you […]