How do I fill out a Restore Report?

When a domain name is restored after deletion, the Registrar has five (5) days to submit a formal Restore Report. Upon receipt of a complete report, the restrictive statuses will be removed. The following fields should be populated with the information: Domain Name: sld.tld preData: Contains a copy of the […]

IDN Information

Q. Are second-level IDNs supported? A. Yes, for all Donuts TLDs except .travel (as of 2019) Q. What languages do you support for IDNs? A. English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese in all TLDs. Note: We are pleased to announce that from 15 December 2016 onwards all Donuts TLDs will […]

Registering a Domain Name Subjected to Claims.

You can test Trademark Claims Notice with a label and TLD provided by Donuts technical support department. Usually, registrars are provided with a domain subject to claims together with the OT&E onboarding welcome email. If you require another, please contact our Tech Support department. Steps to follow below for registering […]

Guide to EAP

Early Access Period Process After the Sunrise period closes for a new TLD, any interested applicants may submit registrations during the Early Access Period (EAP) for any domain name that is not: A reserved name Already registered during the Sunrise phase Unavailable pending the outcome of a Sunrise application or […]

How to add DNSSEC to a domain name?

Donuts Registry supports Algorithm ranges including the 6-14 range. Our SRS allows all algorithms defined at the IANA website: DNSSEC can be added via EPP or via the web portal EPP Domain Create with DNSSEC EPP Domain DNSSEC Update Web portal create/update Fill in the domain create or update information Fill […]

Registrar Users in the Donuts Registrar Portal

Q. Since Donuts manages many TLDs, is one user created in our Donuts account used for ALL TLDs under management (+ DPML)?  A. Yes but we would advise creating a web user for each user you have in your company as Two-Factor authentication is applied to all accounts on login. […]

DPML FAQs – Fees

Q. If we register a domain that is already blocked by a DPML, will the requesting registrar get charged the override fees + registration fees? A. No –The override operation is free. The requesting registrar will only pay registration fees . Q. Are override fees charged during a sunrise registration?  During […]

Onboarding Documents

Q.Where can I find onboarding documentation? A. See the documents “OT&E Registrar Access Guide” and “Donuts Registry Guide” your account manager has previously sent, or request another set from your account manager.

Migrating Your Domain and Keeping Your Search Engine Love

Overview In changing your web address, several factors come into play—primarily, updating your Internet identity without losing search engine advantage. The following is a brief tutorial, for the technology, initiated, that helps you do just that. The best strategy for migrating to a new domain is through redirection. That is, when […]