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Reports API

As of April 7th, changes to the reporting API have taken affect. Below is a list of common queries that may resolve the difficulties you are experiencing retrieving reports via the API. Changes to File Path File paths will no longer include a year in their structure. As an example […]

Chinese Variants and Japanese Variants (Applies only to IDN domains registered using the Chinese (zh) or Japanese (ja) language)

Some Chinese and Japanese characters use different visual representations (variants) of the same character. The tables utilized for IDN registrations assume that when one variant of a Chinese or Japanese character is registered, then other variants are blocked in that language. According to the ICANN application, in order to mitigate […]

EPP Accepted Ciphers 2019 (Update)

Donuts will be making updates to the list of accepted ciphers on our EPP service on the dates set out below: Environment: OT&E Date: Wednesday, Nov 13th, 2019 Update Available From: 18:00h UTC Environment: Production Date: Monday, Dec 2nd, 2019 Update Available From: 18:00h UTC It is recommended that all […]

Guide to Sunrise

A 60-day phase during which early registrants have access to domain names that contain trademarked names. Only holders of registered trademarks that have been validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse and that have an SMD file will be able to register their trademark name in the new TLD. During the Sunrise […]

Claims Plus Service

The Donuts Claims Plus service is an optional, partial continuation of the ICANN mandated Claims Services that reaches beyond the required 90 day Claims Period and provides registrars with the ability to continue providing Claims Notices to customers prior to their registration of a domain name. Once the mandated Claims Period expires in […]

Balance Check by EPP

Balance check command via EPP was implemented on March 3, 2014, and it is available to use. Please see below a sample EPP balance check command and response, and the XML schema. Please note that balance updates are not immediate, there will be a small delay until the balance adjustment […]

How to check the status of a DPML Block

Q. Will there be any public interface for the end customer where they will be able to check the status of their DPML? A.  The whois output at  “” is public and can be accessed by anyone. If you search Whois for your trademark and any valid Donuts Registry TLD […]

Sunrise Launch Extensions, Sample XML

New gTLDs require the use of SMD (Signed Mark Data) files for Sunrise and DPML. Details about the sunrise launch extensions, how to submit SMDs with a domain or DPML order, and more are found here: Sunrise and information about SMD files: The EPP extensions for Sunrise: […]